Integrative Care of Oncology Patients

Integrative care of oncological patients, after more than 20 years of research and clinical experience in the treatment of cancer.

“Under the prism of integrative medicine, incorporated during the past few years of my career, Primum Non Nocere (First, do no Harm) and Evidence-Based Medicine now form an integral part of my daily clinical practice”   


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Dr. Santiago J. Vilar Gonzalez – Competency Areas

I am a Radiation Oncology specialist working in Spain, having spent four years in the United Kingdom working as a Clinical Oncologist. I studied and trained at well-known and prestigious centres around the world. In recent years I have orientated my career towards the new Integrative Medicine paradigm.

This is a new challenge for the advance of medicine in the twenty-first century, combining traditional concepts with the latest developments in standard and allopathic medicine.

What is integrative Medicine?

In the twenty-first century medicine faces new challenges and objectives as a result of extraordinary advances in medical knowledge in parallel with society’s development. Amongst the challenges to be met, Integrative Medicine (IM) is the new paradigm.

An innovative concept, which combines Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM), traditional Primum Non Nocere (First, do no harm) and the concepts forming the basis of the Hippocratic Oath of endeavouring to cure, alleviate and console patients using all the ethical means available.

Integrative Medicine applied to the oncological process focuses on endeavouring to increase the patient’s quality of life. To this end, it uses different approaches associated with health and the illness:

  • Reduce stress
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Increase immunity
  • Detoxify the body
  • Increase the body’s adaptative capabilities

Oncological Care Profiles

As part of my work methodology, it is important for me to have available maximum clinical information prior to assuming a patient’s care. To this end, patients are requested to provide all their medical reports and test results. Based on these data, patients are divided into one of several categories with a view to offering the most personalized focus and treatment possible:

Different therapies aimed at increasing the patient’s quality of life, making the oncological treatment less toxic and more efficient, in addition to control of the symptoms resulting from the disease.

Here, emphasis is placed on ensuring that the disease does not impinge on the patient´s lifestyle. This area includes: medium-intensity aerobic physical exercise with intensive anaerobic activity. Diet and fasting are important (there is ever more evidence of their benefits and, consequently, the participation of nutritionists is of great assistance). The possibility of studies of a patient´s gut microbiota can also be helpful. Adequate rest and everything that this involves and, finally, as an essential aspect of this profile, meditation or mind-body wellness and other activities to boost a patient’s energy.

Handling of symptoms, with the use of non-aggressive and easily-applied therapies, to increase the well-being and comfort of patients in this stage of the disease.

Therapeutic focus as per requirements, always ensuring that patients with these characteristics have an adequate general condition and are aware of what they are facing.

Integrative Medicine provides a series of non-invasive tools for studying the disease and the patient’s general health.  Information can be obtained on: hormonal metabolism (in the blood, urine or a genetic study), study of microbiota-dysbiosis, polymorphisms in the metabolism of different drugs used in oncology, the existence of slow viral infections that negatively affect the immune system, type of diet, lifestyle profile, diagnostic bioresonance, etc.  In this area, genetic tests play an important role.  The chosen tools will depend on each oncological profile. 


Direct consultation with Dr. Santiago Vilar

Possible therapeutics approaches

Second opinions
Solving of oncological and medical doubts (therapeutic effect per se)
Ozone therapy
Nutritional advice
Nutritional supplements depending on deficiencies and requirements
Physiotherapy and physical activity
Metabolic strategies
High dose melatonin
Helixor – mistletoe preparation for cancer therapy
Mind-body therapies
Psychological support

Academic Background

    • Degree in Medicine and Surgery at Universidad de Barcelona, Bellvitge Campus
    • Specialist in Oncology Radiation Therapy.  Residence at “Instituto Catalán de Oncología”, Faculty of Medicine Bellvitge Campus 
    • Radioactive Facility Supervisor Training Course, Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña
    • Radioactive Installation Supervisor Licence, Consejo Seguridad Nuclear

Professional Training and Experience

  • Instituto Catalán de Oncología, Barcelona
  • Instituto Oncológico Castilla La Mancha, Toledo
  • Hospital Universitario de San Juan, Alicante
  • Hospital Verge dels Lliris, Alcoy
  • Hospital Universitario Virgen de los Llanos, Albacete
  • Director of the Oncology Radiation Therapy Unit, Instituto de Medicina Oncológica y Molecular de Asturias (IMOMA), Oviedo 
  • Clinical Research Adviser, Instituto Estudios Biofuncionales, Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM), Madrid
  • MD Anderson, Houston, USA
  • Methodist Hospital, Houston, USA
  • Langone Hospital, New York University, USA
  • Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York, USA
  • Lancashire Teaching Hospitals Trust, Preston, UK
  • Blackpool Victoria Hospital, Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, Blackpool, UK
  • Royal Blackburn Teaching Hospital, East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust, Blackburn, UK
  • Queen Alexandra Hospital, Hospitals NHS Trust, Portsmouth, UK
  • St. Richard’s Hospital, University Hospitals Sussex, Chichester, UK
  • Hospital Quirón Torrevieja, Alicante
  • Since February 2013: Oncology Adviser, Clínica de Medicina Integrativa, Madrid
  • April-October 2022: Integrative Oncology Consultant, Clínica de Medicina Integrativa, Madrid



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